Where to Find More

There are surprisingly many books, posters, flashcards, lessons, research transcripts and recordings in Arapaho available online.  They are mostly distributed free to encourage learning by approval of the Arapaho people, or they are held in academic archives where they remain free on principal.

Free PDFs of resources hosted by CSILW are here: http://www.colorado.edu/linguistics/csilw/alp/Additional%20Resources.html

If you want to purchase a dictionary, a college workbook or CDs of stories with written transcriptions and translations, sold as cheaply as possible (zero profit) by CSILW, email Cynthia Clark at cynthia.clark@colorado.edu for a list of what’s available and prices.

Here’s a fantastic site with sound files for your mobile phone by the Cheyenne and Arapaho Language Department in Oklahoma.  The sound files start at level 2 of 3, here: http://calanguage.com/arapaho-language/arapaho-level-2/

This site by Eugene Ridgebear Jr. has songs for adults and kids, animated stories and reading lessonshttp://www.arapaholanguage.com/stories.htm

A whole ton of flashcards that will teach you to read, learn verbs, nouns and tons of other stuff, created by Arapaho teacher Mike Ridgebear at Wyoming Indian High School: http://www.studystack.com/users/ndncaveman

A completely different, older site full of Arapaho lessons and stories hosted by CSILW is here: http://www.colorado.edu/linguistics/csilw/arapahoproject/language/index.htm

Lots of links to learning materials, samples of language and Arapaho history are here: http://www.native-languages.org/arapaho.htm

An incredible archive of video, audio and printed documentation in old-school Arapaho has been collected by the University of London, and while you do have to create an account and log in, the resources are ample and of the highest quality: https://elar.soas.ac.uk/Search/Results?lookfor=Arapaho&type=AllFields&view=list&limit=10&sort=format_sort+desc%2Cclean_title+asc




2 thoughts on “Where to Find More

  1. Hébe, kooniini’iini ?

    Hohou a lot for this very useful page. Unfortunately, a few links are no longer active.If you know HOW to order books from the CSILW, please tell us. The link to the contact person cited , Cynthia Clark I think, is not active.

    • Thanks for the comment! http://www.colorado.edu/csilw/alp/index.html There’s CSILW’s really useful updated link for audio and written lessons for speaking in common situations. This whole site is fantastic, the best online lessons and information about Arapaho that I have found (far more comprehensive than my own site). The answer to your question: they removed the site where CDs and books are listed but cynthia.clark@colorado.edu will get you to the woman who sold them to me. The top dog is Dr. Andrew Cowell (james.cowell@colorado.edu) who will probably be happy to hook you up with the best resources available. Happy learning!

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