Like Baby Says

HazieBoardWe’re learning to speak with our one-year-old, Hazel.  When she first says a word in English or signs it in Sign Language, we learn the Arapaho for it — by writing it on a big piece of paper and taping it up on the kitchen wall.  Hopefully her vocabulary will be similar to your toddler’s so you guys can learn together too.  So far it’s been pretty easy keeping up with her… I hope we can learn as fast as she does, and keep it up until we can have conversations in Arapaho!

light noho’oeseiyoo (inanimate)
baby neniisoo (my baby)
uh-oh  ‘owei (female) wiy (male)
dog he3, nete3 (my dog)
see! neeyou (there it is, inanimate) or neene’eehk (animate)
more nosouniihi’
book wo3onohoe (inanimate)
bye bye heetce’noohobe3en (see you later)
plant bisiii’oot (animate)
plane niinih’ohuunoo (inanimate)
all done woow benee3toono’ (now we are finished)
Daddy Neixoo (talking to him) or neisonoo (my father)
pretty beebeeyoo’ (inanimate) or beebeeneiht (animate)
balloon niiciitowu’ (inanimate)
chicken nih’oo3ounii’eihii (animate)
no hiiko
mine neniistoot
banana hiiniinsiinoo’ (inanimate)
ball kokoh’owooo (inanimate)
cheese ciiis (inanimate)
kiss me cihniitenii
shoe wo’oh (inanimate)
Mom No’oo (talking to her) or neinoo (my mother)
popcorn koe’teebeskoteeno (plural, inanimate)



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